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"i pay someone to live for me"

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
11:32 pm - OH EM GEE
I've come to the sick realization of how many shoes I own, now you may think, "Well she can't have that many, really". But I'm pretty sure I could provide footwear for a small African village if I needed too, I kid you not. But on the other hand, I love my shoes and I'm pretty sure anyone would be envious of what I do own, because some are pretty hard to find/expensive.

On another note, I got a new job! Yay, go me. I work at call centre doing telephone surveys, so if you ever hear the name Ipsos-Reid, ANSWER THE SURVEY! It helps us out a lot, and we're all nice people.

Anyways, I'm tired so I'll update more tomorrow.

Goodnight to all!



current mood: drained

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Monday, January 14th, 2008
7:11 pm

Has it ever been a while, almost a year? Yeah, well that's what Facebook does to the world.

Quick update since the last entry:
1) Took The Plant class, it was superb! I did extremely well, along with switching programs in Languages; I love it, I'm taking Italian and German.

2) The love life has ended with Jacob, but we're still friends, and I'm happy about that. At times it can be weird, but overall we're cool.

On another note, as it has been three months since the break-up a new man has come into my life, (haha). A nice boy named James, we're NOT boyfriend and girlfriend but we are dating and I'm more happy with the relationship we have then I have been in a long time. He's such a nice guy to me, and I feel really special to have him in my life :) I'm such a cornball, I know.

3) I'M MOVING OUT! Yep, in less than a month I will be residing in Montreal's The Plateau, instead of stinky ole' Chateaguay, and bonus SO close to school and my new beau :)

4)On another scholarly note; after receiving my DEC at Dawson I plan on going into Hairdressing at Nova Career Centre. I know, it seems like my years at Dawson will be wasted, but I just look at it as another experience to fill my life with. I absolutely love hair, and messing with it. Even my own hair has taken to my own messing with :P Do you all think this is a good career to head into?

And lastly,

5) Since my last entries I've gotten 2 tattoos, I will post the pictures later, because it's time to eat and shower now :)

Love ya bitches ;)

current mood: chipper

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
12:35 am - I don't trust everyone..

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